Rehabilitation of Pan Dam

Nginyang Girls High School is located in Mondi Division, Loyamorok ward Nginyang East. It was established to rescue girls who were to undergo Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriages.

The school opened its doors in the year 2012 with the first batch of students totaling 12. Since then, the school has seen an increase in its population to 202 students in the year 2021. Despite the myriad of problems we have encountered as a school, our students have continued to perform well in KCSE. In the year 2019, we have managed to send 2 students to public universities and we hope to take more to the university this year.

The catchment area of our students includes Naudo, Silale, Riongo, Chesakam, Pakka, Katikit, Kositei, Chemoril, and many other hostile areas within Tiaty Constituency. The illiteracy level is very high 18% literate, 72% illiterate. These areas are poverty-stricken and most of the parents are alcoholics. The girl-child in this area is endangered thus can be married off at a tender age.

The school lacks water as it depends on a water pan which is unreliable. In most cases, our students travel for long distances to look for water.